Aron (Fuerteventura, Spain 1987) is a Dutch/Spanish visual artist, currently living and working in Amsterdam. 

Aron’s paintings are abstractions of how we interact with one another. He portrays this almost as if we’re cells under a microscope, catching our behavior in its primal ways. Expressing and revealing in its simplicity.

We humans are transformational shapes. Capricious in our every movement we are attracting and repelling eachother. The overwhelming ways in which we make our presence known can be so invisible to ourselves. Yet the ripples of these movements through life are not as subtle as we may think. Our energy is like weight, with which we affect eachother and our surroundings.

Aron is in a constant search for a primitive language in which he tries to make our everyday sensations and interactions tangible.

Feel free to get in touch for more specific inquiries and questions, or anything else you’d like to share after seeing the works. 

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